Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Christ[mas]ian Movie

Some times my day starts with a lot of emails. Other times, I'm met with a bunch of things that need to be looked after ASAP. Others I'm greeted with the horrid feeling of realizing I left my lunch neatly packed by my door.

Today I was greeted with this.

My face melted into a cross between awe and wonder. Then to confusion. Was this some sort of awesome joke? Is that really Kirk Cameron exploding through a Christmas tree welding a candy cane and a manger?

Yes. It is.

Could this possibly be a real film and not some sort of twisted dream and/or parody?

It exists.

Is there a trailer for this sure to be wondrous film?

There is.

I honestly don't know what to think about any of this. Which is rare for me. Is the movie a documentary with a story? A drama? Over the top action?

It seems to have a bit of an irreverent tone too, which is also odd. Whether or not this makes it to the watch list has yet to be determined, however, I shall always cherish the memory of first seeing that poster.

What do you think? Watch? Pass?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To Kill A Mocking Bird

I went through Christian education. It's was great, but because of that, most of the books I read in highschool aren't the same ones you did.

Catcher in the Rye? Nope. Nineteen Eighty Four? Nada. Animal Farm. Yes actually, I did... but that was more because my Mom had a copy and I wanted to give it a read.

I've been working through some "classics" recently. To Kill A Mocking Bird was at the top of my list. 

Good thing it was too -- It's awesome.

I'm also glad I didn't read it in high school. It wouldn't have meant as much. 

If you missed out on this gem, it's about childhood. Sure, there's a court case and racial tensions and drama. However, it's not about that. It's about growing up. Kids living in an adult world. 

The thing that sells it for me, is how believable the whole thing is. Kids really would interpreter situations the way the kids in Mocking Bird do.

They would dare each other to touch the scary house, make up stories about why the cranky old lady down the road is cranky and would notice when stuff isn't right.

I loved it.

That being said, there is some mild language. FYI.

Next up - The Giver. What's a book you've really enjoyed?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Preparing For The 15th Anniversary

I'm really excited about Saturday. It's the 15th Anniversary of LIFE 100.3. I don't think it's hit me 100% yet. But, I can feel my sentiments growing.

LIFE has been a huge part of my LIFE for at least 10 years. Maybe longer. I'm not really sure when I started listening, but I have been hooked ever since.

I don't have any launch stories to share, but I have a bit of a fun one from the 10th Anniversary.

The decision to go was kinda last minute (*cough*thenightbefore*cough*). So a friend of mine, my Mom and I piled into our car and made the trek to Barrie. The show had been sold out for months. We were standing almost at the front of the line... without tickets.

As the line began to grow, we started asking people if they had extra tickets to sell. Sure enough, we managed to get everyone in! I don't recommend trying this at sold out shows. We were blessed it worked. If you can, just buy them in advance!

I remember the show really well. The lights, the booming sound at Emmanuel Baptist in Barrie.
Lincoln Brewster was the headliner. He was fantastic. If you've never seen him, he's a worship leader with a Mohawk and a habit of doing a lot of guitar solos in the middle of his worship set.

My favorite part, however was looking over at the LIFE staff and thinking "Man, I wish I was over there".

5 years later, I will be! Even as I type that, I'm reminded how blessed I am to be a part of this ministry.

O.K. Enough mushy gushy.

See you at the show with Peter Furler and Chris Bray!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ordering Online

I order a lot of stuff on-line. I shop local too, but when it comes to custom art prints and discount music/video gear, the interwebs are the way to go!

With all that being said, I generally place my order and wait... with my breath held. It's sorta like when you were a kid and sent a bunch of cereal boxes back to the company to get a prize. You wait everyday for the mail. Sure, my adult brain knows there's no possible way the package will come that fast.... but I still hold out hope.

Recently I ordered a Steadicam (thing that prevents your camera from shaking while you move it). Once everything was said and done, they gave me something I've never had before. A working tracking number!

Normally these things only tell you when the package ships and when it arrives at Canada Post. Turns out UPS will tell you what the actual status of the delivery is. I've been following my glorious box of joy from South Carolina. Checking 5-8 times a day on my phone... I feel like a kid.

Do you ever get that excited over the mail?