Monday, December 20, 2010

This Christmas

Something strange has happened to me this year. Two things actually.
Firstly, I'm enjoying The Little Drummer Boy. I won't lie, I have always despised this song. This year though something has changed... I've actually been enjoying the song, turning it up when it comes on LIFE even!!! What's up with that?
The second thing is I don't want anything for Christmas.
As a young child (5 or 6 if you must know) my Mom had told me that "some day, I'll know that it is better to give than to receive". (This was her way of getting out of the question "What do you want for Christmas")? I thought she was crazy... there would always be an action figure, LEGO® set or toy car that I'd want... not so. In fact I'm looking forward to giving more than ever.
I don't really need anything, and everything that I want is ridiculously expensive (hobbies are pricey... ask a musician). The point of Christmas is Christ and I think I know that now. More than ever.
So the only item on my wish list this year is socks... and a CD with Little Drummer Boy on it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Best of 2010

Christmas time is here. It's everywhere you go. Tinsel, tin foil, Christmas cheer. I have officially finished Christmas shopping, but in the event you haven't, here are a few gift suggestions for the music lovers on your list.

House of Heroes - Suburba. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this record. The whole project is about growing up in Suburban America, the dreams that we have and the need for God in it all. Great Album. Plus you can hear God Save the Foolish Kings over and over and over and ove......

Jars of Clay - The Shelter. This wasn't my favorite cd of 2010 (see above) but it is still solid. It features a ton of artists. I counted them one day, but I forget how many there where... 17 cameos?

Group 1 Crew - Outta Space Love. This cd marked a major change for everyone's favorite hip-hop act from Florida. They went from a mixed bag of styles to a dance/urban/mo-town sound. A good listen.

Anberlin - Dark Is The Way Light Is The Place. O.K. I don't own this cd. But, in my defense I have listened to it. It is arguably my favorite Anberlin cd. Very melodic, yet they turn it up when appropriate.

Charmaine - Love Reality. Once again I don't own this record yet (**hint** **hint**), but it's really good. Charmaine is able to deliver a power pop/techno hybrid that is music to my ears (and most critic's ears).

David Crowder* Band - Church Music. O.K Church Music came out last year... but it is a really good album...

And these are my "pleasant surprises" for the year--

Rend Collective Experiment - Organic Family Hymnal. Who? Ya that is what I said. But after buying the cd, I became a fan. R.C.E. comes from Ireland, which becomes evedent in their music. David Crowder is even an honorary member!

Future of Forestry - Travel I, II & III. I had heard of Future of Forestry while watching one of their music videos in the Treasure House. Then I forgot about them. Then I got Travel I,II and III (a 3 ep collection). Wow was I impressed. They rock, that's all I can say. These eps are ambient and imaginative with some interesting twists.

There you have it, my favorite cds of the year. In no way am I saying that these are the best, they are however the best that I have heard. If there is a cd that you'd recommend, let me know!

Friday, December 3, 2010

In Christ Alone

I found this on Owl City's Blog...

... I have always liked this hymn (I think it's hymn at least... if it isn't it should be). This song lays out the gosspel so simply. From the birth of baby Jesus to his death, reserection and return, it's truley a work of art. Plus this version is by Owl City... you just can't lose!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Time for Christmas shopping

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas shopping.
On the love side:

A. I get to think of creative gifts that the recipients will never guess
B. I get to give people stuff
C. I get to mindlessly wonder around stores and usually wind-up getting myself a Christmas present (don't judge me... you've done it to!!!)

On the dislike side:

A. I become trapped in a mall surrounded by thousands of people for hours on end with nothing but my instincts to survive the lights, smells and prices
B. Having to find interesting gifts by the 25th
C. Hiding the gifts from the recipients

I like to be done my shopping by December 1st, ya I know, unrealistic and early. The method behind the madness is simply this -- the sooner I get the shopping done, the sooner I can start to focus on the real reason for the season.
It also has something to do with the year I didn't start Christmas Shopping until the 20th of December... that was stressful.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bieber Fever

I found this on YouTube a feww months ago and it's just to good not to share. (If the last video made you cry... this should help).

I'm not sure if he is really reading out of the book, but it's funny all the same.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poetry in Motion

Have you seen this? 700,00 Lite Brite pegs. 50 hours of work. One amazing music video.

What does this video mean to you?
One of the lyrics of this song is "You have overcome this heart that is overcome."
To me this video represents the times in life when we are overcome. A death in the family, a lay-off... whatever. Even though it may seem impossible to "bounce back" from these scenarios, God is mighty enough to "over come when we are overcome."
That encouraged me.
How about you?

Monday, November 22, 2010


If you have ever attempted to think of something interesting to say on your first ever blog post, you know it isn't easy. Most people say things like, "Hey internet welcome to my blog" or "this is my first post" probably my favorite has been [on Twitter] "Hey Twitter, this is amazing, I love Twitter!!!" and then... they never post anything else! I really don't like posts like this. I find them corny.
So I'll cut to the chase... Welcome to my Blog, Twitter is great.