Friday, April 26, 2013


Everybody has something they like to do to unwind/clear their head.
Some people take rides on their motorcycle, others go to the beach and if you're Scott Jackson, you ride your bike.

For me it's walking . Otherwise it's cooking.
I love it a lot more than I probably should. I think it's the planning and preparation that goes into it. Organizing everything, cooking it to perfection and then savoring the taste.
It's like making music for your nose and taste buds. Or painting... or whatever.
The part I'm not as crazy about, is the clean up. I tend to taste test... a lot... so the supply of clean spoons drops quite fast. But I guess that's the price of doing something you love, right?

What's something that you love to do that you never thought you'd enjoy?

For the record, that omelette is courtesy of Google. I would have eaten mine before actually getting a picture... maybe I just like food...

Friday, April 19, 2013

How Animals Eat

I kept seeing a video pop up on the interwebs last week. I just ignored it. Then my sister sent it to me.
Did I laugh? Admittedly, yes...

I'm not sure what it is about this video. The stupidity of? Maybe. The concept? Perhaps. The fact that it's got a pink morph suit? Likely. Whatever the case, I got a few good chuckles out of it. Hopefully you will too.

The most surprising part for me is the view count. 40,000,000. That's a lot of people! Especially when you figure this was likely shot in a guys bedroom.

**Disclaimer - Shut your brain off now, it will save you the bother later**

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jurassic Park

This is the movie that made me love and fear dinosaurs as a kid. I loved it! It was one of those movies that you watch over and over and over and over until your parents are begging you to shut it off... that was Jurassic Park for me as a kid.
Infact, it made me always watch the bathtub... just incase a raptor was behind the curtain!

Fast forward X number of years and I still really like it. Mind you, I don't watch it over and over and over... I have more of a life than I did when I was 5.
The one drawback was never being able to see it in theaters. I was alive for the release, just didn't see it.... that changed this week.
To celebrate 20 years of dinosaurs having a field day on an island, it's been re-released in 3D. How could I pass that up?

I'm not normally a huge fan of 3D, but that was the only way to see it. I'm happy to say it works fairly well most of the time. MOST of the time. There was a bit of stuttering and blur at some points. Otherwise, it was good.

The true gem is the film itself. Seeing it on the big screen was amazing.
Even though I know what's going to happen next, I still jumped a bit and felt my heart race.

Not to mention the beauty of the films score is 100% better booming all around you.

If you're a huge fan of the film, I'd give 'er a look. Especially if you never saw it in theaters the first time.

If you HAVEN'T seen it before, I'd advise a visit here -
It is a thriller with dinosaurs so expect some less that cheery scenes... involving teeth...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharathon 2013

It was a week ago today that I woke up at 7:00a.m. That is a sign that it was no ordinary day. In fact, quite the opposite. My normally busy place of employment had become so crammed full of balloons, people and phones it wasn't funny. Sharathon had arrived!

Over the two sleep deprived days we laughed, people cried and God provided. It was awesome! As I tend to do when a camera is handy, I took some pictures to document these amazing two days.


 Maria Lopez waves... yes, that is the caption this shot gets. Deal with it.

 Andy Taylor gets ready to jam it out on the air.

Steve Jones uses the fancy wireless mic.

 Tim Massarany chatting to an invisible friend!

 Turns out he was talking to Pastor Mathew Fox from Simpcoside Lifepointe Church in Orillia!

 Taking pledges in Phone Central

 Scott Jackson in studio.

 Life board member Andrew Hamilton get bit by the radio bug!

   Phone Central action shot.

 3SN Host Kyle Jenkins re-enacting his favorite scene from Jurassic Park.

 Pip Lucas trying to get a handle on the Promotions department. Congrats on the job!

Jen Melanson wrapping things up before mat leave