Friday, December 12, 2014

Being Busy

I always forget how busy Decembers get. For some reason my brain is in a loop that says December will be the light, breezy time of the year. My brain is wrong.

I hate it when people say that they are busy. Always seems to be a clever way of pointing out how important they are. However, I've noticed myself slipping into the habit... mostly due to the month.

Between year end at work, Christmas and personal functions. It's craziness!

All that to say this.

No matter how busy you are, where you have to drive, the food you need to cook, tires you need to change, gifts you need to find or deals you need to close. Take some time to just rest.

That might be going for a walk, watching a movie or just sitting with the Christmas lights on. Whatever it is, this time of year is too awesome to not take a minute to the... snow...

Seriously. As counter productive as it seems. Taking a break can give you just the right amount of edge to wrap up the big time drainers.

At least this is what I've come to conclude over the last two weeks!