Saturday, May 19, 2012

Most Anticipated 2012

While most of these albums don't have a name yet (or in most cases a release date) I'm still stoked!

5. Relient K - Untitled
I wont lie, I wasn't a huge fan of the stuff that I heard on Forget and Not Slow Down. Not as fun and goofy as the Relient K I know and love. Here's hoping that when this album comes out, that will change!

4. Gungor - Live
Since I discovered how awesome these guys are in 2010, they have released an album every year (yes, I'm pretty sure that is a coincidence... maybe not though...) This year it's going to be a live cd/dvd combo. I've actually already purchased this glorious worship compilation through Kickstarter. Now, to wait for a release date...

3. Anberlin - Untitled
Every since these guys left Tooth and Nail, they've gone from being all rock to more of an alt rock deal. I'm not complaining. Dark Is The Way Light Is The Place was stellar. Ballads, soaring rock tracks, twists, turns, all juggled in a very nice balance. Plus, this one will include guest appearances from random fans on vocals!

2. Owl City - OCTMS (I think???) 
Adam Young doesn't stop. The odds of him being a machine that just makes music day and night are pretty good at this point. After the catchy/summery/dreamy All Things Bright And Beautiful that came out last year, he has said this will be more of a dance album. BRING IT! (And I love Shooting Star... just saying)

1. House of Heroes - Cold Hard Want
By just saying "new House of Heroes" to me, you will cause me to as excited as a squirrel on Red Bull! Really weird analogy aside... There are very few rock bands that get the mix of deep and cleaver lyrics with insanely well planned out and executed music. House of Heroes is one of those bands! Proof of this can be found on the single Touch This Light (You can catch it on the Slam and 3SN) or the really hard to find Comfort Trap. It's awesome! Seriously, try to find it online. If you do, it will be worth the effort! Bring on July 10th!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

group therapy thursday - may 14, 2012

Tonight on Group Therapy Thursday we were helping out Jasmine. She has been seeing this guy from college for about a year. Everything is great, until they are at school together. What should she do?

group therapy thursday - may 14, 2012