Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Or more accurately, fasting. I decided to do one a few weeks ago. Not just because of Lent, but because I wanted to do some heavy praying for some stuff and Lent was just around the corner... so why not do it at the same time?

You likely think this is going to be about how it brought me closer to God... and that blog is coming.... This is about how hard doing it is.

I am off of bread.

Which I thought would be hard... just not THIS hard. Never did I realize how much bread I eat! I usually have at least two or three servings a day (depending on what my meals are). Cut that out totally and my body just keeps asking "Now what?"

I'm not complaining. I really am surprised how hard it is!
The point of a fast is to do without something that you need/enjoy so that you can depend on God and put more time to prayer. Well, It's working.

So far things are really good, however bacon, eggs and muffin just isn't quite the same...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Clever Movie

Cleverbot is a very (very) smart machine. You basically say stuff to it and it will reply.
Sometimes you think it's a real person, others you realize you are talking to a talking website.
I have spent a bit of time on it. Mostly to hilarious results.
One thing I never considered Cleverbot good for was writing movie scripts. Thankfully, this guy did.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love In The Air

With Valentine's in the air I thought I would get a little sappy this week... by listing the top 873 reasons my American girlfriend is so awesome.

I'm kidding... though I do plan to do something "romantic."

Disney put together this short film a little while ago ( I believe it ran before Wreck It Ralph).
It uses a combo of classic cartooning and modern computer animation.
I like a story that can be told without words. This is one of those tales.
Looks, movements and the (awesome) soundtrack (seriously, 5:15's music gave me chills) do all the talking on this one.


*Note - I will not be held liable if your paper airplanes don't have nearly the same effect on your prospective girl friend/boyfriend*

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Big Game" Commercials 2013

The Superbowl gets awesome commercials.... wait... the U.S version of the Superbowl gets awesome commercials. If normal commercials were nearly as good as Superbowl ones are... I wouldn't hit the skip button.
While I haven't seen every commercial, (after watching 15 minutes worth last year I realized how stupid watching 15 minutes of commercials is...) I have seen a few.

Here are my Top 3

At #3 we find National Geographic gone horridly wrong -

Doritos and Old Spice usually has very cleaver ones. This would have been #1, but another stole my heart...

I love over the top silly stuff. Oreo nailed that with this commercial -

Well, that's enough product placement for one day! What was your favorite this year?