Thursday, November 24, 2011

Group Therapy Thursday November 24th, 2011

Tonight on Group Therapy Thursday we were helping out Tanya. She's been with her boyfriend for a few years and wants to get married. He's not to crazy about the idea. What would Tanya do?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Group Therapy Thursday November 17th

Tonight on Group Therapy Thursday we were helping out Terry. His friend Julie is like a sister to him... however whenever another male (no matter the age) talks to her, he get's uptight and very protective.
Is this normal?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Group Therapy Thursday November 10th

Tonight on Group Therapy Thursday we were helping out Nick. He recently became a Christian, but the girl-friend that he's had for 2 years, isn't.
Should Nick break-up with her?

Mowing the Roof

One thing that I always have to get myself ready for every summer is mowing the lawn. With winter here, I don't have to worry about it anymore...
These guys on the other hand, have more then just their lawn to cut come summer...

I'd honestly love to be there when this guy's wife says "honey could you go mow the roof?"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tonight on Group Therapy Thursday we were helping out Joe-Anne. She has a friend that is buying a $2,000 wedding dress, but she doesn't have a boyfriend! What should Joe-Anne do?

Here's what you had to say...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alberta Odyssey

My original plan was to blog every night of my time in Alberta. That obviously didn't happen!
It was a really busy 3 days. On the Thursday there was a session with Steve Taylor, who is best know for being what made old Newsboys what they were (and his absence what new Newsboys are). He also did some solo stuff and helped Sixpence None the Richer get the mega hit they had with "Kiss Me." Plus he directed the Michael W. Smith movie "The Second Chance." Steve was talking about his new film "Blue Like Jazz." It's based on a book by Donald Miller. I've never read it, but have heard good things. We saw it later that evening... unfortunatly Steve's quirky, thought provoking lyrics don't translate to the screen...
Moving right along.
Friday was full of radio sessions and shmozzing with artists and radio people (did I just say shmozzing? Maybe I've been hanging with Scott Jackson a little TOO much!!!)
After the sessions ended we got ready for the Covenant Awards - This is the Christian music equivalent of the Juno Awards.
Had lots of fun hearing from Jon Bauer (Chasing After Me), Dan Bremnes (You Are) and The City Harmonic (Manifesto) as well as To Tell (Safe to Say). Junkyard Poets were also there. These guys are nuts live! There bassist has a t.v on his head through the WHOLE SHOW!
The best part of the awards for me was presenting Modern Rock/Alternative Song of the Year to Marcel Preston and the boys in Sky Terminal.

Saturday meant an early rise and fly.

Overall, Calgary was a blast!