Wednesday, November 26, 2014


One of the best things about radio (and one of the reasons I was interested in it in the first place) is all the awesome songs that you get to experience.
There are so many talented artists that are producing great material.

It's overwhelming actually, and really easy to miss some of the gems.

That's the case with Beautiful. It's a worship song by Phil Wickham that came out a few years ago. It went right under my radar upon initial release. However, life finds a way.

A friend sent me the song a few weeks ago, I've been hooked ever since!

It really captures the adoration aspect of worship. Singing praises to God.

"I see your face in every sunrise, the colors of the morning are inside of your eyes"

Talk about poetic. Also, the whoo whoo whoos are a nice touch.

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have been!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Different Take On Up

Up is one of my favourite movies. It really is a masterpiece from Pixar.

"But it's a kid's movie" you say. You have obviously never seen Up. Or any Pixar film really. A Bug's Life, Toy Story, Wall-e all deal with some heavy themes. Up? It tackles death and morning.

Ya... fun topics for a kid's movie!

Something else I love are parodies. Good ones. Anyone can make fun of something. But a good parody understands what makes the original great (or lame) and embraces that.

That's what this parody of Up does.

It takes the style of Michael Bay (a guy famous for using a lot of explosions and lens flares) and adds it to the sentimental Up.

I thought it was funny. Hope you do too.