Sunday, February 23, 2014

On-Air With Manafest

New things are good and bad. 
The bad is - something has to change for it to become new. Change can be scary. But the good part is that you get something fresh. Something that you never would have experienced before hand.
Saturday nights on LIFE are changing.

We've got a new show called On-Air With Manafest. There's no hidden meaning in the title. It's literally a show hosted by Manafest.

It's also awesome.

Seriously. It is. I'm not just saying that as an employee, I'm saying it as a fan of music and radio.

Starting at 9:00, Manafest takes over for 2 hours. He plays some of his favorite songs, tells some stories and gives some insights into the life of a touring musician. 

If you are a fan of music or Manafest (or just like to be entertained), check it! You'll be glad you did.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Superbowl Ads

The Superbowl happened last week. For sports fans, it's 4 hours of intense football (well... NORMALLY it's intense...). For non-sports fans, it's 4 hours of nachos, pizza and dip. Plus if you're in the States, you also get 4 hours of creative marketing.

You and I don't live in the states. However, the internet still provides all the commercials we could possibly need!

Here's my Top 4 (cause Top 5 lists are too mainstream)

#4 - Chobani Yogurt 

I've never eaten or even heard of Chobani Yogurt before. This commercial has changed that! Plus, bear.

#3 - The Truth (Kia)

The Truth is, Kia knows how to make a car commercial. This is funnier if you know a bit about The Matrix.

#2 - Tim Tebow

Not only is Tim Tebow poking fun at the fact he's suto unemployed, it's just plain ridiculous.

#1 - Doritos

I haven't laughed as hard at a video since What Did The Fox Say. This had me in stitches for minutes. It's a 30 second commercial.