Monday, July 27, 2015

For King & Country

I was hanging out at Kingdom Bound last week. It's one of my most favorite events to do at LIFE. You're surrounded by some of the biggest and best in Christian music for 4 days in a different country. It's just so cool!

The first year I came, I saw a band called for King & Country on the"Park Stage." That's where up and coming bands play, usually rock. They weren't really a rock band, but man, they were so good. I actually felt bad for them. They put on this amazing show and there were only about 20 people watching.

That must be discouraging.

You take all of this time to write songs, record them, fit them into a live set and then hit the road to tour them... and 20 people half listen at a festival.

It would certainly discourage me.

Fast forward a few years and now they are opening for a bigger band. Their on a bigger stage now, more musicians. Good on them.

Wednesday night they opened Kingdom Bound as the headliner. Wow. I've never seen anything like that in my life. 6 drum kids. SIX. Chimes, a glockenspiel, two horns, cello, guitars, bass, everyone doing vocals... oh, and by everyone, I mean the 7 members. That's right, all those instruments are getting played by 7 people. It must be exhausting for them to run around between them for an hour!

Anyway, all of that wall of text to say this - Don't get discouraged.

I imagine at some point they thought "this music thing is really hard." They could have folded right then and there. But, they knew what they were capable of. What they were called to. They stuck with it. They've "made it." If we throw in the towel, we'll never get to see what God had coming our way. What his master plan was.

Also, go see for King & Country. Seriously. Just do it.