Thursday, November 29, 2012

Helping The Least Of These (Behind The Screens)

Last week you got to experience my first "major" motion picture (major meaning using real mics and shooting it in a room other than my bedroom).
Little would you know, but there was drama, daring and intrigue that plagued production for the entirety of the day.

Here are the top 3 things I learned.

#3 - Malls like when you ask if you can use them 
After getting kick out of one mall for bringing film equipment into it, we were kicked out of a second (this time we started out checking with management). Thankfully the security guards were very nice at the first mall... intimidating, but nice.

#2 - Sunnidale Park has a lot of blind hills
While setting up, we managed to have numerous people wonder in out of the blue/ be scared silly by a camera crew in the middle of a forest.

#1 - Shooting an outdoor video in November is a really really really stupid idea
For the record, it was supposed to be an indoor shoot (see lesson #3)... but the lack of coats/gloves began to wear on us... it took 3 hours to regain all the feeling in my legs...

In the end, I'm still happy to say it worked out... frozen hands and feet aside.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Helping The Least of These

Ever week we have a LIFE staff meeting. Recently the staff have been doing the devotionals. Sooooooo, instead of just talking, I made a video. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Music

It seems every year Christmas comes earlier for me. This year, I've been singing Sleigh Ride since early October.
I'm not complaining, I just love Christmas.
I also tend to have "Christmas Theme Songs" every year.
Two years ago it was "O Come O Come Emmanuel"
Last year it was "War Is Over" (both of which are awesome songs)
This year it seems to be "Love Came Down At Christmas"

We seem to always focus on the fact that Jesus was born to die. Which is profound and all, but we often forget the motivation behind that. It was love.

As Francis Chan/Hawk Nelson would say, Crazy Love. That God would care enough about us, despite us spiting in his face, to send his son as a human to die. That is true love.

That's what I think every time this songs come across my mind.

Merry (early) Christmas

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ghost Pepper Sauce

Eating a ghost pepper is on my bucket list. I really like hot food, so why not tackle the hottest pepper on Earth?
Earlier this week a few friends joined me at a Mexican Restaurant for some lunch. Said restaurant has a promotion on right now involving Ghost Peppers... in sauce form at least.

If you've never heard of the Ghost, it's one below pepper spray on the spice meter.

On the burrito I had Ghost Pepper Sauce, Hot Sauce and Hot Sauce (I said I like it hot)

Here's what happened.

Bite #1 - Mmmmmmmm burrito......

Bite #2 - Mmmmmmmm spicy burrito

Bite #3 - This is sorta disappointing, I've had hotter sausages...

Bite #4 - Lips begin to tingle

Bite #5 - My entire mouth burns with the fire of the sun. I can't feel my tounge

Swig of milk

Bite #6 - My tongue has exploded with flavors all of which burn. My lips feel like they are on fire.

More milk

Bite #7 - I'm in tears. I don't know if they were of joy, pain or the natural response of the body as it gives into the power of so much spice.

Down half the large milk

Bite #8 - What does it feel like to not have your mouth on fire? I can't remember... what is sweet? Salty? Bitter? I know nothing but heat. Heat and the embrace of the ghost pepper mixed with hot sauce and spicy sausage (ya... I guess I asked for it)

Bite # 10? - Make it stop... plese... mak...i...stjdp

Empty milk

Would I do it again? I wish I would say no... but if Bieber taught us one thing.
Never Say Never.
If you like it hot, give some ghost pepper a try. It's good... when you can taste it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My iPod (Which I don't really have...)

I have seen loads of these floating around the interwebs (and the LIFE dj blogosphere).
I don't tend to listen to songs on their own outside of LIFE... I usually listen to the entire album, but here goes nothing.

Owl City - When Can I See You Again

Anberlin - Someone Anyone

KJ-52 - Brand New Day

Mute Math - Typical

And that is pretty much what you will sit through when you go on a super long car ride with me.