Saturday, June 29, 2013

Air Raid 22.1

Last night was the night! After months of planning and preparation (most of which done by people other than me!), Air Raid 22 hit the stage in Huntsville.

It was awesome!

Every Air Raid I always say "that was the best Air Raid yet." So I'm not going to say that, but MAN! I think it may have been!

Anthem For Today got things off to a rockin' start. It felt like a real life version of the music video for Earthquake!

They did hits like Falling Asleep at the Wheel and Inside Out, plus a great Taylor Swift cover.

Anthem for Today lead singer Pip Lucas

Then came Prosper and GPM... I didn't know what to expect. Hip Hop can be super high energy awesome or really slow and dull. It was anything but slow or dull!

The crowd and the performers were all over the place having a great time! They did amped up versions of songs like Yes I Can and Without You. Plus, they did the Harlem Shake!

Prosper of Prosper and GPM fame!

Then came the Color. These guys drove all the way from Manitoba. THEY DROVE. They did songs like Made to Be and their first hit, Let It Go. They even did a few acoustic songs!

The Color rockin' out

Then the headliners came. To Tell.

Zach Havens from To Tell

I love these guys. Always fun, always tight and they just keep getting better! From the crunchy guitars of In Your Eyes to the pop of The Problem, it was solid.

All in all a great night! Now, we get to do it all over again tonight! See you at Air Raid 22.2 in Owen Sound!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Man of Steel - Before

I'm really excited for Man of Steel. REALLY. I'm not 100% sure why either.

To preface this, I'm not that crazy about Superman in general. I think he's over powered. Super strength, flying, laser vision, ice breath, x-ray vision, bullet proof... shesh... he's only weak to kryptonite, which is cool... but that's his ONLY weakness!

New Superman movie? Who cares. Give me more Marvel.

Then I saw this trailer -

I still get chills watching it. I'm a sucker for tone, this trailer is full of it! No detail, just "Hey what's this movie?... wait...SUPERMAN?!?!"

I haven't seen a full trailer since (except for pieces I tried to ignore before Iron Man 3).

Trailers give too much away.

It's written by Christopher Nolan (Inception). That and the tone are enough to sell me.

It opens on the 14th. I can't wait! If it so inspires me, I will likely review this one!

Friday, June 7, 2013

God's Love

I've really been enjoying Shine Bright Baby's (yes, there's a band called Shine Bright Baby) song Beautiful Love. It really captures God's relationship with us well. The fact that he made EVERYTHING, sent Jesus to die for us and then, on top of all that, wants to have a relationship with us! It's crazy to think about and something I hope I never get dulled too.

I also really like the third verse -

"Everybody wishes they could change their past

He's forgiving everything, so don't look back"

I for one wish I could do some things (past and present) different. Not even the obvious stuff either. There are soooo many sentences that could be reworded! But, it's in the past. God's not holding us to it. We just need to press on and continue to live a life for him.

All in all, I recommend you look up the track... oh, look at that... it's right there!