Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to waste half a week

In the epic waste of time category, this one wins. Over 3 days of video. I don't recommend you watch this, but if you have 3 days to burn... why not?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tonight on Group Therapy Thursday we were helping Jake and Kathy who want to date, but are scared it will have a negative effect on their youth group if they break up. What should they do?

Here's what you said...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kingdom Bound - The Recap

Last week Ben Davy and I went south of the boarder to check out Kingdom Bound 2011. This was my first time going to the U.S so I was excited all round.
After a stop in Niagara Falls (there's another first) which is full of flashy colors and larger then life signs (two things I love) we found ourselves in Darrien Lake N.Y.
I could bore you with all the details
- The roller coaster I still regret going on
- The hat I lost on said roller coaster
- How said hat actually helped me in my walk with God (I am not kidding... it's a whole other story).

- How I found said hat (see other story)

But, I'll cut to the chase and talk bands.

On the Sunday I got to check out Classic Petra. I'll admit it, I liked it. After hearing them I now realize how they have allowed other bands like House of Heroes and Anberlin to grow and thrive.
Newsboys headlined Sunday night. Crazy. Rotating drums, floating platforms a performance of
Jesus Freak.

My favorite show was Skillet, I will never forget how loud the screaming got when they did Monster or how excited I got when they started Savior.

My favorite band was House of Heroes. They didn't use any tracks as far a I could tell (backing instruments on cd), they also had 4 part harmonies and did In the Valley of the Dying Sun (one of my favorite House songs).

All in all... it was great!

Me with House of Heroes!!!!!