Thursday, January 28, 2016

My 2016 Goals

I meant to have this posted a week after December 31... whoops!

I don't make resolutions at New Years. Too much pressure. I make goals. LOTS. This year I have 25. I know, that seems like a lot. But, I figure if I only accomplish 15, that's 10 more than I would have pulled off had it been 5 goals.

So far it's going o.k. Some of them can't be done during the winter, so they are on the back burner. Others involve me being in a creative mood... which hasn't happened this week. Hopefully next week!

I have 3 goals that are really important to me. These are the ones that I have to do by Dec 31 next year. Here they are!

1. - Read 5 Books
The number of books is pretty low... but I also wanted to give myself some grace. The idea with this goal is to read more. I used to read all the time when I was growing up. Loved it! However, I've slacked off recently. I figure by the time I get 5 books read, I will have a routine in place and be able to double it by year's end. I have read a book and a half so far. It's good to be back!

2. - Improve Devotion Time
I'm usually pretty good to make time for devos... but I admit I slacked a lot in the latter half of 2015. I got busy... and allowed devos to suffer... So far I haven't missed a day (including Saturdays, which is something I've never done before!)

3. - Exercise More
Man... this list is cliché... seriously though... Almost everything I love involves sitting. Watching movies, reading, work, editing video, gaming, board gaming, filming (sometimes... usually standing), guitar (again, I only stand when I'm not practising)... that's a lot of time in a chair. Add in the fact that I don't like sports and you can see why it's on the list!

So far number 3 has been the hardest. Mostly because it hurts... a lot... I like exercising... just hate what it does to your body!

What are your goals this year?

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Best of 2015

I love recapping my favourite things from the year.It's mostly for me... this time next year I'll look back on what I loved from the year before... it becomes a nostalgia trip for me. Hopefully you enjoy the ride! Please note, some of these things didn't come out this year, but I discovered them this year, which is why they are on the list.

Favourite Worship Album
Empires - United
Song Highlights - Say The Word, Touch The Sky, Street Called Mercy 

I've been a Christian for longer than I was a non-Christian. That being said, growing up, I hated worship music. Loved Christian music, just not the stuff you hear on Sundays. The band that got most of my fire was Hillsong United. The fact worship music is one of my favourite genera is a small miracle... the fact I bought and like a Hillsong United album is a sign of the end times. I guess we really do change with age.

Warning, the album isn't a big and bold endeavour. It's a very quite, reflective record. Great way to get yourself in a head space for church or to unwind for Sunday night devo.

Favourite Pop Album
Heart In Motion - Amy Grant
Song Highlights - Every Heartbeat, Good For Me, Ask Me, Galileo and Hope Set High 

I've been in love with how good this album is since the summer. SO CATCHY. Apparently Amy took a lot of heat for this one back in the day... that confuses me... it's the perfect mix of flaky relationship songs, deep reflections on faith and driving synth beats. I love it.

Favourite Album That Actually Came Out This Year
This Is Not A Test - tobyMac
Song Highlights - Light Shine Bright, Backseat Driver, Like A Match, Feel It

Welcome To Diverse City is one of my favourite albums of all time. It's strikes a great balancing act between tight professionalism and fun over the top youth. It's great. Most of his newer stuff lost that vibe to me, but with This Is Not A Test, Toby is on a rebound... not that his other stuff wasn't good. This was just more fun!

Biggest Nostalgia Trip
Jurassic World

Every kid has that one film they watch over and over and over and over until their parents beg them to stop. For me it was Jurassic Park. I still love it. Believe me when I say that the first 15 minutes of the film were an emotional 15 minutes. The movie was fun, if a little contrived, but the nostalgia was strong with this one!

Rapid fire honourable mentions!

Favourite song to play on guitar - Found In You
Biggest Relief of the Year - Force Awakens being great
Favourite New Food - Brie hamburgers... seriously... soooo goood
Favourite Thing I Made -

Favourite Concert - For King & Country - Kingdom Bound 2015
Favourite Memory - Touring with AFT
Best Musical Surprise - Kevin Max - Broken Temples