Tuesday, October 13, 2015


What a weird election! Not only is this the longest election in Canadian history (by something like 7 days), it also feels like the most discussed. That's weird to me. I was raised that you keep your political opinions to yourself. I can see why. Sharing them seems to cause nothing but fighting!
Facebook is full of examples. I've seen posts with upwards of 4k angry comments complaining about this party or that party. That's not even touching on the actual conversations that I've been a part of or listened in on. People really get worked up about this sort of thing!

It's also frustrating how confusing it's making the election. It's hard to get a grasp on what party to vote for when there are 5 million voices all screaming what they think. It's really taking the "fun" out of the election. Sure discussion is important, but there isn't a discussion. It's a yelling contest.

What I am most discouraged by is the fact that all the whining and complaining and opinionating wont end on the 19th. No matter who wins, Facebook will have plenty to say about it on the 20th!