Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Ups And Downs of Photography

As I've mentioned multiple times before on this blog - I love film, music and radio. Those levels of love ebb and flow depending on the day, but all of them are things I get joy in doing. Something else I love is photography. Except... it's something that usually causes me more frustration than anything else!
Why? Well, photography is really all about luck. Yes, there is a load of skill involved too. Don't get me wrong. You have to know what ISO setting to use, how much light to let into the sensor... etc etc... But at the same time it's all about the timing.
You could have your focus perfect, settings exact with a great angle and still not get the a shot that is worth talking about. And if it's the last batch of photos I took... focus may be the biggest stumbling block!
Studio photography is different (obviously), but I find it less fun. I'd rather be shooting some video if we're in a studio.
So I guess I'm my own worst enemy... Don't like the controlled environment of studio photography and don't generally have the luck for live photography.
Thankfully Air Raid 24 was a different story. I was incredibly fortunate (BLESSED!) to be in the right place at the right time with the right focus (again... stupid focus)
The last one (one above this line) is one of my favourites. I know... it's dimly lit and there's no context for what's going on... but that's what I love about it. It looks science-fictiony to me. Gotta love that!

Anyway... that's my rant on photography. Glad I was able to get some shots at Air Raid. Here's hoping something good comes out of Heart of Worship this Sunday as well!!!