Monday, March 25, 2013

Barrie Colts

I have never seen a Colts game. I have lived in Barrie (and area) for the better part of 3 years and it still hasn't happened. I have wanted to, just never gotten around to it.

That changed this weekend.

Joined with some family and friends, we took the trek to the Molson Center to watch game two in the first round of OHL playoffs.
Barrie was leading the series against Kingston 1-0 going in.

What a game! The Colts scored 17 seconds into the first. Suffice it to say the crowd went nuts. They scored again 2 minutes later.
That was basically what the rest of the night entailed! The Frontenacs eventually got their act together and scored... with a two man advantage.

Barrie wound up winning 7-3.

I loved it! Aside from some really goofy penalties from the Colts it was 2 and a half hours of solid hockey.

We got to do the wave, see a guy get kicked out for being rowdy (he was let back in after a few minutes) and even had a brush with celebrity greatness, Charliehorse!

Will I ever do it again? An emphatic yes. Beats watching it on t.v any day.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prosper & GPM Interview

I recently had the chance to chat it up with Prosper of Prosper & GPM fame.
He'll be joining us at Air Raid 22 this summer, so why not get to know him a little better?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Almost

Whenever I really love a band, I'm always scared of seeing them live. The thought of a group that brings me much joy being loose, boring or using tracks really does scare me. I'm not kidding.
The Almost is no exception. I really loved their album Monster Monster... could their live show be able to top the awesomeness they captured on the disk?

Yes. Yes it could.

I joined a buddy of mine at the 905 Venue in Whitby (Ajax/Oshawa... it's sorta confusing) on Sunday for the concert. Amazing venue for a youth group. It's in an old club so it's ideal for music, smoke machines and merch. Plus, that's where they do youth!

After a really good worship set and quick message, The Almost took the stage... wow, did they take the stage.

Unless I am mistaken, no tracks. I heard mistakes, which is very refreshing. However, they were few and far between.
Aaron Gillespie has one amazing voice. Going from singing to yelling to singing with ease. It makes for quite the dynamic... add in 3 guitars all doing different things.... well, you get the idea.

They covered instant classics like Monster Monster, Lonely Wheel and Hands as well as some stuff from their new (!) album Fear Inside Our Bones. After hearing the title track, I'm Down and Ghost, I'm more excited than ever for the April 9th release.

Afterward, got to grab a shirt and bumped into Aaron.

All in all, a really stellar night.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hawk Nelson Interview

As you have probably assumed from the title, I recently interviewed Jon Stiengard from Hawk Nelson!
Here's what the lead singer had to say -