Friday, September 28, 2012

Red Umbrella - An Interview

Parry Sound's own Red Umbrella recently gave me a shout. We covered such topics as Kick Starter, new music as well as the whack of line-up changes they've gone through. Here's the run down.

To get involved in the Kick Starter -
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes. 
I'd been told most of my life the books were good, I knew I'd likely read 'em sooner or later, but never got around to it. Then, last year I watched a trailer for Sherlock Holmes 2. My immediate thought? Forget the movie! I'm reading the book.
It took 8 months, but I finally read "The Book". Or books. 

Turns out Sherlock is a whack (and I do mean whack) of short stories. There are 4 long form books, but the rest are from an old school (think 100 years ago old school) magazine.

I really loved them.

I think it's the way the problems are solved. With CSI being the standard in mysteries anymore, a different format was a refreshing experience.

Another thing that surprised me was how messed up Holmes is.
He's moody, rude, a slight chauvinist and even has some less the terrific habits.
Sounds like us doesn't he? Messed up. Yet, he was a hero in fiction world and in our world.
Believe it or not, God used this as an analogy for me. 
Just like Holmes was used despite his idiosyncratic, God uses us despite ours.  

I did wind up seeing the movie... just read the books...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Text... oh, hold

I don't usually like doing rant posts. The internet is angry enough without me spewing out my pet peeves, however, the time has come.
Texting. We all do it (o.k, most of us do it). The problem is, most of us do it in each other's faces.
Have you ever been talking to someone when they randomly glaze over in the eyes, whip out their phone and force you to hold your thought? I have, worse, I've been the glazy eyed phone zombie.
When did it become o.k to ignore real people in favor of someone sitting miles away with plastic in their hand?
As I said, I do it too.
Consider this my way of saying, it's time for a "Technically It's The New Year Because School's Back And Stuff" Resolution.
I'm hoping to stop doing it to others. It will be a small act, however I will be one less lost in the land of glazed eyes.
By this time next year I ho... oh, hold that thought, I have a text....

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bible Movies Everywhere

Bible movies. There are a lot of them in the works. Rumors of a new movie based on Moses.
A David epic on the way... and Will Smith turning Able and Cain into Vampires.
Aside from the last one, I'm stoked! At first I was a little worried that they would mess with the story too much (it is the 21st century), then I watched "The 10 Commandments."
It's a classic to most Christians... with a LOT of license taken. A LOT.
Which made me realize poetic license is going to happen. Let's just hope there's not too much (ahem, Will Smith)

I'm most excited for Noah.
It stars Russell Crowe as the title character with Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah. March of 2014 is a long wait, but I'm hoping it will be worth it. At the very least, I will put some faces to the names.