Friday, May 20, 2016

Burger's Preist

There are a lot of things that wear the "Christian" label. Music, movies and books are the obvious ones, but there are others like clothing companies and... ah... I think that's it.

Or so I thought. A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to check out a new restaurant in Barrie called Burger's Priest.

I saw the sign going up a couple of weeks before hand. Seemed weird. Although, the thought of having a new burger place to check out quickly replaced my confusion with the name.

Disclaimer, I would have checked this place out either way, but I did go as part of a media day... and it was really good!

I'd say the burger to fry ratio was a bit off (seemed like I had more fires than I knew what to do with), but both were great. I've really developed a taste for "pretentious burgers" over the last few years. Unique and creative mix and matches of cheeses, meats and toppings. They had a couple of those. One including deep fried mushrooms. YES, PLEASE.

And milkshakes! I hadn't had one of those since I was a kid. Not sure if it was good or if I was just milkshake deprived, but I want another one!

Anyway, the thing that stuck me most is how Christian the joint is. There is a wall with scripture in English and Hebrew on it. All the burgers have Christian and theological terms/ names associated with them and little crosses adorn the menu. It was kinda neat.

I dug it!

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